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Deluxe Full Body Exercise Massage And Body Building Vibration Plate Machine

Original price was: 18,500.00৳ .Current price is: 16,500.00৳ .
This fitness vibration plate exercise machine is offering a new and effective exercise way to workout your whole body. Ideal for improving circulation, muscle strength, sports training, weight loss, cellulite reduction, muscle building, promoting blood circulation and metabolism, reduction of the stress elevation levels. Improve your health and release yourself from a hard working day. Only 10 to 15 minutes a day, bring you to a new and high healthy life . Super Quite .Upgraded with powerful motor to create high frequency vibration movement and ensure super quite operation.Allow you to workout and build up your body shape while watching TV shows at home or at your office ,relax yourself and improve work efficiency ,without disturbing someone around you. High portable and Easy to use. It's easy for you to customize the exercise modes as you want. Compact and Super mini size.It is portable for you to carry wherever you want to go. Related Product